Project Heart Yourself. Ryan Saldana, Saddest Headline of the Month

This had to be the worst thing to hear for a parent, the death of their 3 year old child.
On May 2, a week and a half ago on friday, Ryan Cruz Saldana was struck and hit by a truck while he fetched for a frisbee outside his cousin's house. Through social media, many have banded together to raise money to aid this family of funeral costs and loss of income in time of grief. It's quite amazing what people are capable of. Although no amount of money can remedy the pain of loss felt by Ryan's Parents, Dan and Jacqui Saldana, they can have support from the many people nationwide who are sharing their story and giving back.

Jacqui writes the blog Baby Boy Bakery which includes recipes for sweets and stories about her time with Ryan.

Project Heart Yourself is currently selling these gold curved bar necklaces to support the Saldana family.

When life throws you a curve, fight for what you want.


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