Japonesque Dual Sided Brushes (110 & 140)

Today's blog post is more of a 'Wow I cannot beleive how much I bought these for and how awesome they are!" type of beauty rave.

I've been eyeing the Semi precious brushes from MAC that were limited edition (not anymore I dont think..) for a while now since this blogpost from temptalia  click for post ;)  They are so beautiful and such a fantastic concept but since they are quite expensive, I have just been admiring them from afar. 

Last week, I walked into an Ulta in search of dry shampoo and LOW AND BEHOLD. These BABIES. The Japonesque HD Dual Sided goodness. They were on clearance and not labeled as clearance. There are 4 types of dual sided or split fiber (whatever you wanna call it) brushes. There were none left of the 120 and 130, which was ok because I wasn't interested in them but heres a review JIC. (120 + 130 Brushes)

Anywho, The 110 Brushes retails at $24 and I purchased for $6.12
The 140 (eye crease) brush retails at $14 and I purchased for $6.99.

Weird, I know. I dont know who priced these but thumbs up! (sarcastically)
I also had a a $3.50 off ulta coupon they sent to my email that week so it was like they were $4.80 each! (Yes, I'm weird with calculating the values)

PRREEETTTTTTY happy about that.

The 110  This brush is the biggest of the line. It is meant for foundations or face powders. It's like the MAC 128. It is small for a face brush so it gives a more precise application and when you have more time on your hands. The synthetic side is meant to apply and the natural side for blending. I used the top side to blend and it leaves a flawless finish if done right.

The 140  This brush works like the cult fave MAC 217 but is identical to the MAC 234 which I dont think is available anywhere anymore.It works beautifully for blending shadows all over the eye (if you're in a hurry) but small enough to blend beautifully in the crease and any harsh lines (even if you have a small area to work with like me!)

I love these brushes so much that I scoured the map in search of the Ultas that had a few remaining escapees hidden in the aisles of post-holiday chaos and purchased duplicates and duplicates of duplicates. I must've bought the last ones in the three locations in my area. These are definetely gems.

Speaking of gems, stay tuned for my next post. I'll be featuring and reviewing these other babies!

Milani blushes in 'bella rosa', 'tea rose', and 'coral cove'


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