($3.00) Dresser Reveal


You know the feeling of excitement, when that perfect peice just turns up on the side of the road a few blocks from your house, and then again several times that you become a crazy furniture project hoarder who is so busy with life that your back room becomes an episode of extreme hoarders? Well, that was me these past few months. I was looking at the mess that seems to always compile on the floor no matter how many times I pick up and then I realized, yeah, its about that time, I utilize all that furniture!!

So, here we are, gorg dresser dying to get 'dressed'. This was found literally on the side of the road on the grass, among other things, all sad and scared. I dont have a truck so I took all the drawers out (selfish, i know) and waited til hubs came home to tie it up to the top of the jetta and hope to God it doesnt fall on top of anyones car while turtling it home. I 100% regret not picking up the glass hutch that went on top of it! 

I have been fast tracking all my projects so I can put them to use. In my stepdaughter's room, I was painting 2 peices at once, a bench with storage bins for toys ( not easy) and a cabinet for her closet both of which I painted with a brush. i found that the brush was very streaky no matter how careful and gentle I was. Floetrol wasnt very helpful and any more gentle, the paint would dry leaving rough patches of paint.

I managed to smooth it out and the coat of Polycrylic helped but I needed to find another way.

This dresser has large surface area so I really wanted to make it as smooth as possible so i bought a mini foam roller from home depot (about $3). Worked like a charm!

I ended up using the roller on the entire dresser. Yeah, crazy! Its my preferred method now :)

This dresser cost me about $3. I had leftover behr paint from my awesome mom in law (sorry guys, i cant tell you the color because i threw out the rusted lids! its a birds egg blue), some anthropologie glass pulls from my old apartment, and primer and polycrylic on hand.

So yeah, hope you all love it!


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