Weekday Style: Alexa Chung

“My gripe is that a lot of young girls aspire to be super sexy and I don’t see why. What is attractive or alluring is not necessarily how much flesh you bare, but how good your brain is, or how much charm you have. Fake tan, fake ti** - this porn thing has become embedded in our culture. It’s a shame. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl, but I hate it when women only dress for men. I think it’s more exciting to reveal less. Maybe wear layers of smocks and then have super-sexy underwear on. Dress like a pilgrim on the outside and a wh** underneath.” 
- Alexa Chung 

My current style muses   are Ultimate 'IT' girl Model and Vogue Contributing Editor Alexa Chung & the Classic Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. They exude Class & Chic-ness. 

Someone get me these ☝ Nude Rockstud Pumps!!

Today, NLJ Exchange would like to to take a moment to admire this perrenial global trend-setters style. Many of you might know that Alexa Chung recently, last fall, released her first-ever book "IT" debut. 

I myself haven't had a chance to look into it's diary like pages but it seems to be a conflict of interest with reviews ranging from:

"[A] book on personal style and inspirations...[from] British fashion icony Alexa Chung."—The Wall Street Journal

"[Alexa Chung] traces her journey to her place behind the velvet ropes in the new book It."—Associated Press

"[Alexa Chung] reveals how she puts together her effortless, cool look."—InStyle


"what is this? A pop-art take on a memoir, a fashionista coffee-table book, or just a bit of fun – a brazen cash-in by an enterprising young style icon?" - The Guardian

"I say ‘written’. I say ‘book’. I mean neither of these things. It is, in fact, a collection of talent-free doodles, diabolically insubstantial musings on style and life, plus a baffling selection of personal photographs. The latter are all uncaptioned because, you know, we are just supposed to get it." - Daily Mail UK


Albeit the criticism, I personally admire the fact that she exclusively made a name for herself with her personal style and love for fashion instead of the desperate plea for attention that is so overutilized( aka 'Selfies'). She is employing the resources available to her to be able to contribute more of her (flaws and all), that everyone loves so much.

(Seriously, you try getting a handbag named after you ! )

Speaking of branding, I loved every little peice in the Alexa Chung for Madewell Collection of 2011. Yes, yes, I know it's old news but I just think its lovely.

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