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Hello everyone!

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              After a year of browsing the amazing blogs of blogland, It's about time I get in on all the action! Blogging is something I'm not exactly new to. Like all adolescent pre-teens with plenty of time to spare, I spent my time unknowingly ruining my google rep... (I hope that  blog is buried in the seabed abyss of blogworld.. Dont try to find it.) 

Moving on. This blog will be about NLJ EXCHANGE whats trending in fashion and beauty, personal faves and raves, health and fitness, and an online source for gently owned high-end and designer goods. Yes, u heard right ;)

Some of my faves in the store right now
Current/Elliott 'The Captain Trouser' Sz 26

Rag & Bone 'Bridget' Sz M

Chloe Sandals UK 40 US 9 1/2

The beauty part of this blog will mostly feature paraben free, cruelty free, BPA free, organic products and things of that nature. I like to google the ingredient in the products I choose to use on myself and share with you all what i found works for me and what hasn't!

 I am soooo grateful for all of the blogs out there that have been a great help on my quest to awareness and I will definitely be linking and quoting many of them in my posts. 

Please bear with me (and its 'bear' not 'bare' unless youre trying to get nekkid lol) as I try to figure out the whole blog html stuff. This site will be crazy for a little while until i get it together. K thanks. I have so many posts in the works. I am also wildly into DIY and home decor, big whoop I know, who isn't? There will soon be a post on painting leather goods :o, and beauty product reveiws! woohoo! Btw, does the html approve of emojis? someone please tell me :)

That about wraps it up! Stay tuned lovely people!


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