INGLOT | Collection to date Part 1

Today's NLJ Exchange post will be a beauty rave, specifically of Inglot. I've recently done my fair share of testing the various products in the Inglot line. I hope this post will be of use to many of you who are currently using Inglot or are considering it.

Inglot was founded by a Chemist, in the small Polish town of Przemysl, named Wojciech Inglot over 30 years ago. Brilliant man he was as he built his amazing line of cosmetics into a one of the world's leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. He endeavored to create an incomparable cosmetic line for the more health conscious. It grew notably with the help of the Inglot 02M Breathable Nail polishes. For this reason:

quoted from The Independent Website UK:

"Traditional varnishes (nail polish) pose a religious problem for observant (Religious) women because of prayers five times a day that require a pre-prayer washing ritual. Religious scholars say water must run over the hands and arms, including the fingernails, leading many women to avoid using polish.
Inglot's varnish ... became a hit with (these) women after it became permissible under (Religion's)  law because it allowed water to reach the nail."

In my opinion, Inglot has earned its world recognition with it's high color pay off and superior line of beauty products.


First off, the Inglot eyeshadows. What can I say that has not already been said. These are by far my top pick for eyeshadows. There are over 200 colors and finishes to choose from and for the most part, they are buttery smooth, very pigmented and are over twice the size of MAC shadows and half the price! $7 a pop and $4.90 each if you have the pro membership. It's out of this world. Seriously. A little goes a long way so dont try to pack it on your brush because one swipe picks up a lot of product (learned the hard way..). 

I created the pinks & reds palette to muti-use as blushes and eyeshadows!

The round shadows and palettes are currently discontinued (not the actual colors though, they come in square form now which are bigger) but are currently up on the special offers page for a limited time in pre-selected palettes for a steal! $18 for a 5 eyeshadow palette to a 20 eyeshadow palette for $61.50.

I stack my palettes this way (without the covers in between) because they are quite heavy and I'm a bit of an organize freak so I like to make good use of space. Of course, I would have a lot more space without all the makeup... dont judge me.. 

I store them standing up.

 Inglot Freedom System Concealers and Color Correctors I am obsessed with these because you can customize them into palettes to your tiny little hearts content. The palette shown above is my frequently used palette. It has my 6 color correcting and contour creams (message below if you'd like the specific shades), and the quad at the furthest end of the photo is my blush (361), basic matte black and brown (391 and 327), and the shade i use for my eyebrows (342).

I'd like to make an entire color correcting palette for my kit with these Inglot creams. They are great to use all over the face with the beauty blender or the awesome Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge by Youtube Beauty Guru Samantha Chapman which I will post about on another day. I personally have normal to oily skin and I cannot use these without a setting powder as they tend to be on the greasy side. They provide outstanding coverage despite that and they are buildable. 

The bright orange is an Inglot Freedom System lipstick that I mixed with one of the lighter colors to create a peachy color corrector. Inglot has a peach color corrector but I didn't need it at the time of my last purchase so I'm using this meanwhile and it is just as good.

Inglot Freedom System AMC Pressed Powder I highly recommend any pressed powder from Inglot because I love them all but I especially love the freedom system ones because Inglot offers a single palette, a double palette, and a quad palette for them. It is such an essential that we go through them so quickly and it's nice to just be able to replace the pans. (Environment Friendly ! Plus in my book :)..  )

TIP: acronyms for Inglot Pressed Powders 
AMCAdvanced makeup componentsYSMYoung skin makeup
(Let me know if you'd like a further explanation)

The powders are also buildable (dont overdo it obviously or you might end up looking like you've just walked through the desert..)

Inglot Duraline, Inglot Under Makeup Base (Primer), Inglot All-in-One Nail Polish (Base and Topcoat)

Duraline - This waterless clear liquid is totally mutli-purpose and comes in a little glass bottle
with a dropper attached to the twist cap. One of its key ingredients is Isododecane which is a hydrocarbon ingredient used as a solvent in most eyeliners, mascaras, and such. Isododecane enhances the spreadability of products and has a weightless feel on the skin. Its perfect for those gel eyeliners and mascaras that have dried out and need a refreshing. Do not use mascara that is older than 4 months people! Check the expiration dates on your products!

Duraline is also great for turning powder eyeshadows and pigments into bright electrifying eyeliner! This bottle will probably outlive me with normal use. There's just that much of it.

Under Makeup Base - I love this primer! It is in gel-like form. It feels like oil when first applied but dries to matte. There are no harsh chemicals, great at smoothing out my pores for an even, flawless foundation finish. What more can I ask for!

All-in-One Nail Enamel -  This I purchased but have not tried yet because I wanted to try and finish up my Essie All-in-One 3 Way glaze first so probably in a few weeks i will get to unbox this! :) This is definetely another one of those essentials! Only $10 ($7 w/ pro membership!)

Last but not least, the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel
This stuff was so raved about on youtube I had to try them and they were so worth it! They do not come off for anything as long as you set your undereye concealer. These are WATERPROOF (yay for waterproof makeup!) and can be used as cream shadows or body paint. They come in 22 shades and if you spend over $100 on the Inglot website, you get a full sized black eyeliner gel for free! Can't complain about that!

That about wraps it up for tonight, overall I love Inglot and you will definitely be seeing more of Inglot on NLJ Exchange.


PS. Here's an awesome video I found that was also quite helpful.
Thanks for letting me feature this :)


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