The Metallic Knit

I have been so terrible at keeping up with my posts lately and I am mortified! So, I'm sorry. Life is keeping me occupied and I'm just trying to add this to my long routine list. 
If ya catch my drift ?!

Fall is my most favorite/least favorite of all seasons. The reason being South Florida is just way too hot and humid to start unpacking the boots and knits, yet the frequent rainfalls bring the chills when you least expect it.  So what's a girl to do? 

Roll with the punches!

Despite the gray skies, today turned out to be beautiful. I paired the metallic knit sweater from Free People with the lightweight silk woven 'Sulvie' skirt from BCBG Maxazria. This skirt in all its glory, can be compared to a round skirt. It's 'bouncy' built avoids laying flat and draping (as it should be!). The four tier hem detail is exceptionally flattering.

Also, I'm proud to say, I wasn't too sweaty to throw on a pair of ankle boots! Ew, gross, I know. These are Audrey Brooke via Ebay. I was desperate for a pair of comfy, and stylish boots to use for all day wear at my 8 hour shift job I held two years ago! That's right! these babies are tough as nails! i will wear them till my dying days! 

Can I just share this quick story with you ? So this morning (around 6am), as Noah (my gorg hubs) was getting ready to leave for work. I decided to tone my hair. Yes it did come out awesome thanks for asking. I prefer to do my own toning. Here's where it gets interesting. I've been meaning to get my hair cut at a new salon and this morning something inside me drove me to believe that I needed to do it right away right then and there. So there I was snipping away (relax people, i went to cosmetology school!), but then all of a sudden, blood came spurting out from my finger!

kidding. I just sliced it. with the scissor. no biggie. I guess it's obvious, I'm a beauty school dropout.
cue Grease broadway production's 'Beauty school dropout'...

I promise promise promise that I will try to to be better at posting. Til next time!
C i a o  ♥ ♥ 


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